Chuck E. Cheese on Route 1

By Kirby Semblante

Chuck E. Cheese on Route 1 in VA is closed until 2011 for renovations. Do they understand what a void that is for parents who need indoor play during Winter???

Christmas card Mailer or Moron?

By Kirby Semblante

I'm such an online gal. From bills to shopping to research, it's all about the web.

First , I need real stamps to mail Christmas cards and then I need to break my tradition of carying them in my bag from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24th. At 8 pm on Christmas Eve, I realize it's over, so my custom is to put them away until next year. Then, guess what, the cycle continues. At least I'm consistent!

GA Tech & Clemson game

By Kirby Semblante

GA Tech & Clemson game keeping me interested & I don't even watch college football. Overturn was a let down but GA pulled it out anyway!

The Frugal Socialite slid down the chilliest ride in town! Ice! has a slide made entirely of ice that was the slickest, quickest, cold bottomed plummet I've ever done. From the parka fitting at the front door to the angelic wrap up at the end, this is so worth it! Preview and launch night at the Gaylord Thursday was amazing. It is the best ticket indoors for a holiday transformation. Fireworks and Christmas trees? Who knew? You should!

How does Sprint stay in business? They are crap. Cricket looks SO appealing right now.

Did anyone read the Doonesbury comic strip about Social Media taking over life in Sunday's paper? LOL hilarious.

Frugal Socialite tip of the day

By Kirby Semblante

Frugal Socialite tip of the day: How to eat, shop, or go out for free the whole month of your birthday. Tweet me or subscribe to my blog to find out:

What's more important these days? Your Google ranking or your credit score?

After 1000s of articles, radio and tv stories about me and my husband's participation in The Procreation Vacation in 2006 - 2008, in media like USA Today, CNN, Fox National, Good Morning America, Jay Leno, The Washington Post, Italian papers, etc., etc. Procreation Vacation in USA Today,

I added small listings on and other social sites last week and they have knocked the Procreation Vacation down in ranking! What the hooty?

I have come into social media-dom in disbelief and awe. I am a traditional media girl, bred on the need for clips, bylines, resumes and credentials to even get a glance from editors. In the 2000's all one has to do is create something in a free space, called online...

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Gladys Knight is onstage

By Kirby Semblante

Gladys Knight is onstage now singing "I'm gonna fight to the end". Me, too, girl. R u singin' to me?