Procreation Vacation dominated traditional media & now social media is kicking it's butt

By Kirby Semblante

After 1000s of articles, radio and tv stories about me and my husband's participation in The Procreation Vacation in 2006 - 2008, in media like USA Today, CNN, Fox National, Good Morning America, Jay Leno, The Washington Post, Italian papers, etc., etc. Procreation Vacation in USA Today,

I added small listings on and other social sites last week and they have knocked the Procreation Vacation down in ranking! What the hooty?

I have come into social media-dom in disbelief and awe. I am a traditional media girl, bred on the need for clips, bylines, resumes and credentials to even get a glance from editors. In the 2000's all one has to do is create something in a free space, called online, and voila! Published!

My head is spinning. So are my fingers as I try to keep up with the trend...