A new venture for The Frugal Socialite. I'm laughing as I watch this video. I am in such the groove of teaching English As A Second Language, online every morning, that I am talking like I'm teaching students, LOL. Big thanks to SAB Media & Tom Brown for the studio time! Alma Thomas and Colin Cooper how was your day for being my cheering section at the end of our business meeting. They didn't know what they were getting into!

You want to take a badly needed vacation, but you don’t think you can afford it. Our travel experts offer tips for the best way to find a relaxing summer vacation on the cheap.

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Javonne Harley, President, Advantage International (not pictured)


Lucinda Anderson-Hughes, The Frugal Socialite, Travel Expert


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Harold T. Fisher is a broadcast journalist and author. He is currently the host of the news/talk program, “The Daily Drum” on WHUR-FM and H-U-R Voices, Sirius/XM Channel 141. Highlights of his journalism campaigns include the aftermath of the earthquake in Port Au Prince, Haiti; coverage of the...

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New Frugal Socialite Wine Club is here!... - Lucinda Anderson Hughes | Facebook

New Frugal Socialite Wine Club is here! Peek into some of our fun antics and how we sizzle up a cold Winter January night! The reactions to this video...


Frugally Fabulous Vino! Introducing Beyond Zinfandel - the Frugal Socialite Wine Club. When's the last time you had a great glass of wine? Did it show up in a beautiful box, at your house, with tasting notes for FREE? Or, have you been wanting to attend phenomenal wine events or travel to wine country with the group of fun people? If any of these are a yes, click here to receive more information on membership.


Done the same ole' places over and over? Me? Never! I'm always on the look out for new places to keep the "ooh la la" in life. The Frugal Socialite has some ideas for the Frugal, the Fantasizer, the Fun Lover and even, for the Folks in a Funk because February 14th is not the day of Love they'd envisioned...

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Gone are the days of the Cotton Club type supper clubs where ladies wore sequins and gents donned suits with hankies. The Carlyle Club revitalizes the era of elegant dining and swing dancing, bringing it into a modern area. Only open on the weekends and for private events, The Carlyle is a hidden jewel tucked off of Duke Street in Alexandria. Now I know why I could never get a ticket when...

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