Travel with baby but leave some gear behind...Choose good hotels!

By Kirby Semblante

Why lug toddler gear? Many hotels have it covered!

Moms, don't get discouraged about travelling because the baby's stuff is an extra suitcase and a half. When planning a trip consider the hotel. Even if it's a quick overnight in your own city, make it easy! My 2 year old has been on over 40 trips in his lifetime due to my career. I take him and hubby along as much as I can. I KNOW about hauling gear from 2 months of age to now.

These are some of the hotels that have made home-away-from-home a breeze. Check with each individually, but in general they've stocked: bedrails, bottle warmers, microwaves or access to them, baby toiletries, extra Lysol or hand sanitizer, certified babysitters, pack-n-plays, extra sheets for playtime and more---

The Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. (check with all InterContinental Hotels)

All Disney resort hotels within Disneyworld

The Swan and Dolphin Hotel in Orlando at Disney (

Great Wolf Lodge (I was at Williamsburg, VA, but check their whole national chain)

The Millenium Hotels in New York City

The Hyatt Hotel and Resort in Cambridge,MD (

Many more, but these stood out for their quality and willingness to make baby and family happy!