The Frugal Socialite Quoted in May’s Essence Magazine

By Karthick Boomirajan

The Frugal Socialite Quoted in May’s Essence Magazine

Economic Enjoyable Experiences with Friends—Frugal Socialite Style!

In these technology hyped days, me and my girls talk by Bluetooth, text and email. Planning to see each other in a home setting, where we can take off shoes, vent, laugh loudly and reconnect is a treat.

Girls’ night at home is a relaxing, low effort endeavor: No cover charges, no Spanx, no line for a table and good talk with no strangers in earshot.

Imagine my thrill when a reporter from Essence Magazine contacted me for a quote for May’s Essence, with Wendy Williams on the cover. On page 157, above the popcorn picture, you’ll see a BRIEF, edited blurb of my thoughts on how to have a Frugal Fun Fest with your girls. THANKS so much to Stacy Gilliam, who wrote a fab feature on friendships. And, great appreciation to Nicole Nelson, who suggested my Frugal Socialite prowess to Stacy, which kicked this thing off.

As The Frugal Socialite I wear many fly hats: Travel writer, broadcast personality, marketing partner to many small busineses and Party Planner extraordinaire! The Frugal Socialite company started as cake decorating and catering business in the ‘90s, way before The Ace of Cakes and D.C. Cupcakes made this a trend.

My tagline used to be Pampered Promotions & Parties for Pennies…I still can make that happen. If you need a quick party (executed in less than a week), a shower, meeting, soiree, wedding or any large fest, call me! I can create magic with the smallest of budgets. Email me:

This is the original piece that was submitted to Essence by me and Stacy: Food, Friends, and Flicks

Take Blockbuster night up a notch with a sistergirl-themed movie party at your place. Insert a few melodramas (Waiting to Exhale, Set It Off, Dreamgirls or The Color Purple). Lucinda Hughes, The Frugal Socialite, ( specializes in impromptu parties for pennies. Picture this for your invite: "A blank CD with a scanned photo of your crew (the older the better) and brief details on the label mailed to each friend. 'Movie Night, My Place, Friday, June 3, 7:30 pm, Details to Come'. The invite itself is an excellent memory of a good time you shared together,” Lucinda says. Pop popcorn, but choose grown and sexy treats over Snickers and M&Ms. Think champagne, Godiva chocolates, gourmet cupcakes and a cheese/fruit platter. “You’re going to snack and talk all night long. No need to give attention to a plate of food.” Kick back. Cry. Enjoy.