Frugal Socialite hosts Princess & The Frog Pizza and Movie Party

By Kartheeswari Nagarathinam

“It surpassed our expectations,” raved Cassidy, mom of 3, whose little princess won a Disney Princess tiara.

“I was thrilled to be a part of this,” said Hope Wiseman, Miss Teen Washington, D.C.

And from the 36+ little princesses and princes, whose eyes were wide open with excitement…“Oooh, she’s beautiful!” “Gift bags for us!” “Can I have more pizza please?” “Oh, it’s Ne-Yo’s song!” “I’m next. My picture next!”

Frugal Socialite gave back to the community as the Co-Host/Partner of the first in a series of The Princess & The Frog Pizza and Movie parties. Nineteen inches of snow caused “Party Like a Princess” to be postponed, but just like in New Orleans, Princess Tiana made sure the good times rolled on Sunday, December 27, 2009!

What a blessing to meet Stefanie Manns, who casually strolled into Reggiano’s Restaurant & Catering, wondering I’d be interested in helping with a community party. Little did she know that I was a “Magical Mom of Color” –the media offshoot group of Disney’s Official Mom’s Panel*. Stefanie represents the NM Project, a 501c3 organization, who uses events to create “temporary experiences, creating lasting memories” for girls who may not always be encouraged to dream big.Stefanie worked the whole month to coordinate transportation, donations and more , to make sure girls from several community organizations were able to attend.

I donated the space at Reggiano’s, worked with NM Project on reduced food costs and gave away prizes of DisneyWorld Resort Exclusive merchandise I purchased while at the Princess Tiana media debut in October. Laura Spencer, Social Media Manager and member of the Inaugural Disney Mom’s Panel, graciously sent a box of Tiana goodies for me to add to the goody bags and award as prizes. Laura, the Dream Big Tiana shirts were a big hit! Thanks also to Carol’s Daughter for sending samples of their new Princess & The Frog hair and body care to our Magical Moms of Color group.

“This has made my children’s day. I thank you all for doing this for us,” said Mayor of Mount Ranier, Maryland, Malinda Miles, who also is the Executive Director of the Family Crisis Center, Inc. of Prince George’s County. Mayor Miles is pictured with her princess tiara.

Holidays are all about the smiles on children’s faces and the ability to be thankful for blessings. Thank you NM Project for allowing me to be a part of such a special day!

Lucinda, aka, The Frugal Socialite

*The Magical Moms of Color are a group of media and bloggers who were selected by Disney to help spread information about the experiences and new attractions that families can enjoy. I call it an “off-shoot” of the official Mom’s Panel, because we are all moms and are hosted by members of the Mom’s Panel while at Disney. They give us more insight on the best ways for moms to guide their clans on magical Disney vacations.