Beauty and the Beast Sing Along Event October 2nd

By Karthick Boomirajan

The Frugal Socialite is losing her touch. I thought I was in good with Disney reps, but low and behold, I was out of the loop on Disney’s newest event that hit theaters across the nation today.

A lot of my time is spent occupying and entertaining my toddler. My 3 year old leaves school inquiring about our next stop. “Mommy, are we going to the playground, Chuck E. Cheese, Pump It Up or a restaurant?” If none of those get a “yes”, the next question is whether so-and-so – insert name of his handful of playmates -- is coming to play with him.

Around 4:30 I took a break from work emailing to check out, thinking I’d take him to see Alpha and Omega, another kiddie movie. But wait, Beauty and The Beast “Sing Along Event” only playing two days? Okay, great. I keep reading. It’s tonight. Okay, I’m now sweating. At 6:30 pm? I look at the gray sky, I call the weather line ( 202 936 1212 , a number I’ve been relying on since high school), hear that tonight is a rain-out, and get busy closing out my workday.

So, was all the rush to make the 6:30 show worth it? YES, YES, YES.

Kids can FINALLY talk during the movie. Adults can act like they’re there to chaperone the children. I spotted several grownups without kiddies tonight, who seemed to know all the words to the songs. Don’t laugh…Disneyworld Parks do a bang up wedding business and minors don’t get married! LOL!

The show is worth it, YES, YES, YES! So “Be My Guest, Be my guest, put my service to the test” (lyrics from one of the movie’s signature songs) and grab a ticket to the final showing this Saturday, October 2nd. The Beauty and The Beast Sing Along Event will play simultaneously in all theaters at 12 pm/noon.

This is an HD remake of Disney’s original Beauty and the Beast, the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 1992. The movie won six nominations in four different categories, with the music taking home the Oscars for Best Original Score and Original Song, for "Beauty and the Beast" – click to hear Celine Dion and Peobo Bryson’s version.

Jordin Sparks, of American Idol origin, intros the movie, taking viewers behind the scenes of her video shoot for her remake of Beauty and The Beast songs. Jordin also gives a lesson on how to interact with the movie. Her video singing "Beauty and The Beast" -

Playing October 2nd at noon with tickets available online at Fathom Events website:

The new 3 disc Beauty and the Beauty DVD with Blue Ray hits stores on October 5th.