Amtrak loses customers for a reason

By Kartheeswari Nagarathinam

I just had a frustrating one hour call with Amtrak to talk about a bad experience on the train. For almost every issue I discussed -- food running out, incorrect information about train availability, temperature not working in the sleeper car, etc., etc. --- the customer relations agent found a reason that all of those complaints were not their issue. The call center has a version of what the train offers and the experience on board the train offers something not the same.

Honestly, I have supported Amtrak with my ridership. I have supported Amtrak by discussing the Auto Train and other long distance trains or great fares in articles and on-air during travel segments. I have supported Amtrak even though their marketing department does not offer any discounts to freelance journalists who are utilizing the train for article or story purposes. At least the airlines still offer rates to writers that are using a specific company because they tie into the subject of the article.

Several years ago Amtrak offered a full money back guarantee for bad service. They were deluged with refunds because the service has become less than mediocre over the years.